What is expected from you and the instructor

  1. Pupils are expected to have regular lessons, this would usually require the pupil to have a lesson every week, there will of course be exceptions, ie holidays, special events.
  2. To facilitate regular lessons, the instructor will endeavour to book pupils in advance as much as is possible. This usually means 4 to 6 weeks.
  3. The pupil will maintain a deposit equivalent to 2 hours Pay as you go lesson price at all times in case of late cancellation. Further payments if due are payable at the beginning of the lesson. Payments can be made by cash, bank transfer or electronic card payments.
  4. The cancellation policy is normally 48 hours, ie if a pupil cancels within 48 hours, it is difficult for the Instructor to rebook the lesson time, so the full lesson price is forfeited. 
  5. The cancellation policy for a Practical test booking is 72 hours/ 3 days in line with the DVSA policy.
  6. Intensive lessons defined as greater than 3 hours in a week are payable upon booking. The cancellation policy for more intensive lessons is as table below.
  7. Fast pass intensives, there is a non-refundable £250 deposit. If  the  course  is  due  to  start  within  21  days,  then  the whole  of  the  course  fees  are  payable  in  advance.
  8. In the event of the Instructor turning up for lesson and the pupil not showing up for a lesson. The Instructor will try to contact the pupil by phoning/ texting/ knocking/ ringing doorbell. If the pupil does not show within 10 minutes, the Instructor will leave and the lesson fee is forfeited.
  9. The pupil is expected to be able to read a new style number plate from 20 metres. If there is any change in your eyesight then you must inform the DVLA and your instructor.
  10. The first time you meet your instructor you must bring your photocard driving licence plus your N.I. number or a “share your licence” code from gov.uk website.
  11. If there is a change in your licence status, ie, your licence is revoked by the licensing authority, you must inform your instructor immediately.
  12. The instructor is a self employed franchisee and the pupils contract is with the instructor and not Start-2-drive Driving School. Any monies paid to the instructor is the responsibility of the instructor and not Start-2-drive Driving School. 
  13. Receipts are available upon request.
  14. In the event of dispute the pupils first point of contact should be their instructor. If the dispute cannot be resolved amicably start-2-drive Driving School will mediate and their decision will be final.
  15. Your instructor will not smoke before, during or after the lesson in the car.
  16. Your instructor will not make or receive calls/ texts during the lesson.
  17. Your instructor will try to be punctual, however due to unexpected events may run late, if this happens the instructor will contact you to advise of the situation.
  18. It is your instructors decision to decide if you use their car for the test. If in their professional opinion you are not ready for test, the instructor has the right to withhold the use of their car. You will be given enough notice of this situation to avoid losing the test fee.
  19. Assessment of test readiness is in no way a guarantee of a test pass.
  20. In cases of bad weather the instructor will put safety first and it will be their decision whether the lesson takes place.
  21. The instructor will never shout, swear or use demeaning language to you or anyone else.
  22. The instructor will never touch you unless it is to control the car in an emergency.
  23. On occasion you may receive a call from start-2-drive Driving school for quality control purposes.

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